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We offer a unique user experience for your customer. We achieve such uniqueness using our Recommendation System, it collects your customer interests, stores through a Machine Learning Algorithm that, finally, generates the recommendation to your customer on your Pages. Our services are tailored for E-commerce and Content websites.

We guarantee:

  • High quality recommendations
  • Increase in profits
  • Fine design layouts
  • Real-time recommendations

In order to ensure the accomplishments above, the only requirements are that there are customers visiting your website and well defined items on your website.


Genial Mind comes with top-of-the-line support teams to ensure that we provide the best experience for our customers


How it Works

Simple and fast! Just follow the Documentation and we will be on your Pages!

1. Fill in the form and purchase the initial fee service or the trial service.
Pay only for what you use, fair and simple. No fixed price. The profit results will show how well your money will be spent.
Go to your client panel, follow the Documentation, choose Layouts, wait just a little for our processing step and test on your Pages!
Now that everything is working just use our great Client Panel features for monitoring and be updated.


See the type of Recommendation you will have to diplay.

User Based

Recognizing your customers and making personalized recommendation items.

User History

Use the past customer visits to make your customer rethink about it.

Item Based

Display similar items about the items being viewed. Create options for him/her.

Related Items

Items the customers used to buy together or that have any correlation can be an insight.

Top Items

It's always great to display your highlights. Perfect to new customers and works for old ones too.


See our real-time Infrastructure

  • 1- COLLECT

    We first collect your customers and items data from the Browser.

  • 2- DATA

    We store your browsing information into a Big Database.

  • 3- Process

    We use Machine Learning to process the Recommendations. Then we input the results into our Memory fast Database.

  • 4- Display

    With access to our Memory fast Database we can insert formatted recommendations on your Pages.

Simple configuration

Easy Management

Starts putting our codes on your Pages


Integrate your Inventory with simple ways


Choose Styles and types to make your own recommendations for display

Quick Reports

See real-time information about your configurations and customers


You can try for 15 days for free.

- Test our product for free with the maximum of 100,000 recommendations views during 15 days.

- Your credict card will be used just for validation, so nothing will be charged through the trying days.

- If you are already sure you can buy directly if you already sure using the buttons BUY bellow without limitations.

Best Pricing Pay by use only! (Monthly Payment). Use our calculator bellow!

Product Features
Inventory Items
more 50,000 Items
Initial Payment
Pay by use *
50,000 (free) Inventory Items free
U$0.0004 (each)
Customers recommendations views
U$0.004 (each)
Customers clicks on recommendations
U$30,00 (each 50,000)
for more 50,000 Items
U$30,00 (Subscription)

Some important things to know:

  • * If you have more than 50,000 items on your Inventory you have an additional U$30 fee (for each 50,000 items more).
  • * The minimum monthly price for any service is U$30,00, this amount will maintain our structure to attend you. Even if you are not using it, they will be ready to use and being processed real-time.


Your estimate monthly cost: